Active Filters

We are the approved sales and service partners for M/s.Comsys, Sweden

  • Comsys is the leading manufacturer of active dynamic harmonic filters in the world.
  • Comsys is the largest OEM supplier for many AC drive manufacturer.
  • Comsys is the field of power quality since 2001.
  • Engineered in Sweden and final assembly done in Sweden and USA.
  • Their technology offers the possibility to use standardized products for large customized solutions with high flexibility.
  • ADF dashboard web user interface (WUI) allows control of system via web browser.
  • Leverages the remote support capabilities.
  • Easy to connect to overall system including remote access, logging and analysis functions.
  • Minimized number of spare parts and compact in size.
  • Minimized footprint through utilization of existing cabinet space.