Dedicated hardware and Software to automatically monitor overall machine performance history for all types of machines from Blow room to TFO. This system eliminates human errors and reduces man power.

Tangible Benefits

  • Secured Login through User name and Password / Optional Biometric system
  • Reports - Generation of short term & long term shift / doff / stop reports.
    1. Shift reports: Production data, Run time, Idle time, Doff time, Power fail time, Energy and UKG.
    2. Doff reports: Doff start date and time, Doff end date and time, Average spindle / flyer speed, Average delivery rate, Yarn / Roving length, GPS, Doff run time, doffing time, energy and UKG for Ring frame / Speed frame machines.
    3. Stop reports: Stoppages with reason and User defined stop code.
    4. Optional Online Electrical data showing 3 phase Voltage, Current, KVA, KW, KWH, Power factor etc., for each machine fitted with energy meter.
    5. Graphical Report: showing UKG, utilization and Production efficiency Machine wise.
    6. Provision for sending all the above reports through Email to authorized persons.
  • Provision for SMS Alert
    1. SMS alert for speed pattern change, machine idle with duration etc., of individual machine.
    2. Intimating User set Performance index for various parameters like Utilization efficiency, Production efficiency, Waste%, UKG etc., through SMS.
  • Bi-Directional Communication with units.
  • Big LCD Score board showing Machine Efficiency, Production Efficiency, Doff Arrival time, Machine status etc. inside department
    1. Indication of Doff Arrival of all the spinnig machines with respect to real time. This helps management to assign other work to doffers in between doffs, and to avoid doff during the interval time.
  • Schedule Maintenance depending upon user entry