There are Two Ways

  • Manual -
    Start and stop of the humidification plant according to the outside climatic conditions.
  • Automatic -
    optimising and improving the efficiency of humidification plant.


Start and stop the humidication plant

  • More End Breakages
  • Less Productivity
  • Poor Yarn Quality
  • Ultimately More U.K.G
  • Complaints from the Buyer


Optimizing speed and damper position

  • Less End Breakages
  • More Productivity
  • Good Yarn Quality
  • Ultimately less U.K.G
  • No Complaints from the Buyer

Case Study

Without VFD & Humicon+ Supply air Stopped With VFD & Humicon+
Yarn Count 60's 60's 60's
Speed 19,000 17,000 19,000
GMS / Spl. / Shift 69.9 62.5 69.9
UKG 6.64 6.5 6.43
Single Yarn Cost 263.1 270.75 261.75



Humicon+ is another milestone in Humidification plant automation to facilitate and achieve the desired climatic controls inside the department.

We have upgraded our HUMICON Control system to Humicon+ with additional features, based on the reliable and consistent performance achieved with more than 400 plants installed since 1995. Humicon+ helps to improve the productivity and quality of the end products in textile mills by maintaining required optimum humidity and temperature inside the department throughout the year.

Humicon+ consists of a versatile control unit, Energy efficient and reliable Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), high accuracy RH & Temperature sensors and Damper Actuators. This control unit can be linked with centralized computer through high speed wireless connectivity to monitor and control climatic parameters of entire mill.

Tangible Benefits

  • Maintaining set climatic conditions inside department throughout the year by logical control of dampers and speed of fans & pumps.
  • Energy Saving 15 - 45% with payback within 6 to 18 Months.
  • Our system including damper control is easily adaptable for any Existing humidification Plant without any civil modification.
  • Periodic Fluff elimination by logical control.
  • Software to maintain gms / m3 present inside the department.
  • Facility to develop customer specific software requirements
  • SMS to inform fault alarm, maintenance schedule, etc., to authorized persons.
  • Damper Control for re-circulation in case of extreme weather conditions.