Dedicated AMIS+ Controller for Ring Spinning Machine

Few of the most important updates in AMIS+
  • Graphical LCD display
  • Customized display parameters.
  • User friendly menu driven flexible keypad.
  • Both Sensor and Sensor less option is available for measuring spindle speed / Yarn length
  • Compatible to any Danfoss Drive series.
  • Energy meter can be interfaced with AMIS+ and electrical parameters are displayed.
  • Connectivity to computer through trouble free high speed wireless system and alert through SMS

AMIS + Tangible Benefits when used along with Danfoss VFD

  • Continuous Curve Manipulation and smooth changeover of speed with many stages of spindle Speed vs Yarn Length wound in COP.
  • Increase in productivity through increase in spindle speed at appropriate COP stages, without affecting quality of yarn and reducing end breaks.
  • Boosts torque while starting, to reduce start up breaks.
  • Programmable smooth Acceleration / Deceleration during Startup, Stop and Doff
  • Reduced machine down time and maintenance by converting existing variator to flat pulley.
  • Alarm for TPI deviation and VFD over temperature.
  • Ring traveller change program - Provision to run a different set of program to enhance the life of ring traveller and reduce breaks during the change of New Ring travellers.
  • New Concept TEXdENERGY – Provision for Productivity Linked UKG with additional Energy meter.
  • Under winding can be precisely controlled.
  • Connectivity to computer through trouble free high speed wireless system and alert through SMS.
  • Password Protection
    1. Multiple / Multi-level password for editing menus.
    2. Separate password to activate
      • Compelled Speed
      • Speed Percentage
      • Premature doffing
  • Reports
    1. Shift reports: 8 Shift reports including Current Shift showing Production data, run time, idle time, doff time, power fail time, Energy and UKG.
    2. Doff reports: 16 doff reports including Current Doff showing Doff start date and time, Doff end date and time, Average spindle speed, Average delivery rate, length, GPS, Doff run time, doffing time, Energy and UKG.
    3. Stop reports: 32 stop reports showing stoppages with reason and customized stop code possible.
    4. Shift wise and Doff wise energy consumed in KWH and UKG can be obtained with optional energy meter.
    5. Service Report: Provides last Power fail history, shift timings and software version number.
    6. Progress Report:Provision of Cumulative machine Run hours, Shift wise Hanks for 3 shifts