Dedicated AMIS+ Controller for Simplex Machine

AMIS + Tangible Benefits when used along with Danfoss VFD

  • Smooth Start-up and stop for better quality and less breakage. Also avoids heavy inrush current and motor overheating.
  • Reduced down time and maintenance free.
  • Increased Productivity 8 -15%
  • Power saving possible up to 6%.
  • Automatic flyer positioning control to eliminate number of inching operation while piecing the roving.
  • Versatile Programs of Flyer speed vs Roving Length.
  • Connectivity to computer through trouble free high speed wireless system and alert through SMS.
  • Reports
    1. Shift reports: 8 Shift reports including Current Shift showing Production data, run time, idle time, doff time, power fail time, Energy and UKG.
    2. Doff reports: 16 doff reports including Current Doff showing Doff start date and time, Doff end date and time, Average flyer speed, Average delivery rate, length, GPS, Doff run time, doffing time, Energy and UKG.
    3. Stop reports: 32 stop reports showing stoppages with reason and customized stop code possible.
    4. Shift wise / Doff wise energy consumed in KWH and UKG can be obtained with optional energy meter.
    5. Service Report: Provides last Power fail history, shift timings and software version number.
    6. Progress Report:Provision of Cumulative machine Run hours, Shift wise Hanks for 3 shifts
    7. Optional Provision to count Sliver and Roving breaks in Doff and shift wise report.